Bishop Challoner Judo Club

Fancy Dress at Bishop Challoner Judo Club

I have built a new website for a Judo Club In Birmingham. The club is called Bishop Challoner Judo Club and is based in Kings Heath, Birmingham, in the Sports Centre that is attached to Bishop Challoner Catholic College.

The more observant amongst you will notice that this is an unashamed post to plug the site in an effort to boost its SEO 🙂

That aside I have been attending the club with my kids now for a number of years – ever since Les Davies’s Club at Cocksmoor Leisure Centre closed down because the centre wanted the sports hall for other things.  The facilities are excellent and its a great club to be at to develop your Judo.

We aim to deliver and foster the sport of Judo in a friendly and educational way.

All levels, ages and abilities are welcome, giving the local community opportunities for recreation, competition, fitness, making friends and to feel a sense of belonging.

From a personal point of view its nice to put something back into the club when the coaches and other volunteers put so much time and commitment into training your children and encourage their development.  Plus they’ve not got a clue how to build website 😉 Just like my Judo – not a clue!

We want it on page 1 of the google when you search for Judo in Birmingham.

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