British Army: nobody is joining, and everybody that can is leaving!

This is a cut and paste from Bruce Schneier’s blog. Its a blog about IT and primarily IT security or what’s commonly referred to as Cyber Security these days. Bruce is a legend in this field but as always the devil is in the detail. The details being some really, really clever and entertaining commentators on the blog from all parts of the world. One in particular (I understand about 20% of his technical comments) always seems to nail it. Here he is again, nailing it!

Clive RobinsonJanuary 22, 2018 10:49 AM

@ echo,

Keep an eye on this evenings news in the UK.

A well known Military senior is giving a talk / statment as to why the British Army is in dire straights as “nobbody is joining, and everybody that can is leaving”.

Whilst the head count in the Regular Army is down by 18,000 and the Teritorial Army is beyond critical care life support. The figures belie the seriousness off it.

Put simply the highly skilled people it most desperatly needs (ICT etc) are either leaving by “buying out” or other method, as they have a reasonable chance of geting as least if not more money in civiy St without the risk.

Whilst the cannon fodder types who’s skills are of little or no use in civiy St are not re-enlisting etc at the end of their “signed up” period.

Even the usual “grunt force” who join rather than rot on unemployment benift, are seeing the safety in rotting over the “broken covernent” the UK politicals have Forced on the Army.

It started with Maggie Thatcher, abated a bit under her successor but went back on full steam and worse under Tony Blair. It carried on via PFI and asset sell offs under David Cameron and still continues today. It is highly likely our current PM Mrs May will realise she needs the sort of war Maggie had in 1982 to get the voters behind her to survive the Brexit Blow Back.

But the Army that was once the most proffessional in the world, and I had the honour to serve in has been not just gutted but filleted and thrown on the fire to be cremated by most political leaders since the late 1970’s. Worse the politico’s expect more not just with less, but a compleat absence of training and funding as this has been diverted to PFI companies that are as we have just seen with the likes of Carilion and before them Blue Circle and various railway franchisees complratly incapable of doing anything other than enrich the directors and share holders at vastly inflated prices to the Government…

The only question is “When?” not “IF” this lunacy colapses around the UK’s ears. The “Purple Politics” of Labour being just like the Conservatives in all but name has been a compleat and utter disaster for the UK and it’s citizens. That will stop in one of two ways. Either the UK will go bankrupt as the US is currently doing for similar reasons or the electorate will turn on the “One corrupt system two party” politics. I suspect the latter has slightly more chance in the UK but will be less bl**dy than history indicates it will in the US…