Dogger, forties, cromarty – weather station for work

It’s not strictly-come-dancing true as it’s currently measuring the temperature, humidity, and barometric pressure in my kitchen but it will be shortly.
Weather Underground PWS IBIRMING136
Very straight forward to get working all that is required is:

  1. an account with the Weather Underground
  2. Raspberry Pi
  3. Sense HAT


A python script reads the measurements from the sense hat every 10 seconds and every 10 minutes uploads the data to the Weather Underground.  Here is what the data looks like on the Weather Underground for the Midlands Arts Centre.

For now I will leave it running in a terminal window as it’s a bit more interesting for the Little Geeks Smart Play Zone I am involved in.  Next stages require it to run as daemon service so it runs in background on start-up and build an improvised container so it can sit outside  – time for a Chinese take-away!

Want to know how?