Virgin Media Hub 3.0: The perfect place for a backdoor

This is a piece of amazing research.  Understand very little of it!!  I thought some people might be interested given the general woes of the ISP #virgin service and modems.

Timeline to the modem getting a fix

17.01.2017 Dedicated research time spent on finding vulnerabilities
22.03.2017 Contacted the vendor for the first time
24.03.2017 Details of the vulnerabilities shared with the vendor
08-09.2017 The first roll out deadline – late August, early September
20.04.2018 Vendor contact, still not fixed or rolled out
31.07.2018 Release rolled out, most issues fixed

Just happy that #BT are finally in our road installing Fibre to the door.  Will be another month or two before ISP partners can piggyback on it though.