What is the speed of dark?

This post is inspired by some of the discussions (mainly on Radio 5 Live) around Autism because its World Autism Awareness Week which, takes place between 26 March – 2 April 2018.

With a brain that is wired differently you can have children asking questions like…

“we know what the speed of light is so what is the speed of dark?”; and

“if onions make you cry what vegetable makes you happy?”

The prescriptive testing at a ridiculous young age only test against a ‘normal’ way of learning, notwithstanding people develop at differents rates, people with different brains develop completely differently and its something that should be celebrated and stimulated for the benefit of all and not negatively impacted by a range of standardised tests.

I’m not going to trawl through a long list of genius but you can bet your bottom dollar a high percentage will be Autistic or depending on their age will have historically shown Autistic traits.

In an old post by by Laurent Mottron, a psychiatrist at the University of Montreal. Mottron concludes that perhaps autism is not really a disease at all—that it is perhaps just a different way of looking at the world that should be celebrated rather than viewed as pathology.


  1. What is the speed of the Dark?
  2. Tipping the hat to Steven Wright who also asked the same question as well as confirming his theory on evolution that “Darwin was Adopted”